Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contest Winners!

This is the moment (a lot of) you have been waiting for! I would first like to say that this decision probably could not have been more difficult I enlisted the help of 4 judges, besides myself, to ensure the judging was fair and it really was very VERY close. I didn’t think we would get such an amazing response to our very first contest and the talent of everyone is crazy!!
Enough stalling and on to the winners!

1st place winner is……………
Savannah Hadden with her Gym Class Heroes album cover art inspired look!! This had to be SO time consuming and is super detailed. Congratulations Savannah you did a great job <3

2nd place winner is…………..
Tiffany Rusin with her Katy Perry E.T. look! Everyone loved the creativity of this one and you pulled it off so well girly. Congratulations, it was awesome <3

Thank you SO much for everyone who entered I didn’t see a single entry that I didn’t absolutely adore. I am already planning out our next page celebration in honor of the page growing so quickly so stay tuned for that as well!



  1. Congrats! I love both of these talented ladies <3

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