Friday, May 27, 2011

Suicide By Makeup: 250 Fan Contest


First of all I want to say THANK YOU all for being so supportive and awesome since this page started. We made it to 250 fans and beyond and I am so excited! I wanted this contest to be something that is fun and creative and at the same time introduce you guys to some of my favorite Indie brands.

Along with the prizes I am gathering, we have been blessed with some amazing sponsors willing to help us celebrate our first contest. Thank you so much to all of them!

Prizes will be included from:

Sundara Cosmetics

**Everyone please take a moment to visit our sponsor's shops & fan pages on FB because without them, this fantastic contest would not be possible!**

Now to the moment we have all been waiting for...Our theme for this makeup contest is another love of mine (second to all things beauty related, of course) and it is...


There are so many possibilities from Cyndi Lauper, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, even David Bowie or whatever YOUR Rock/Pop/Etc star look would be. Anything goes, you can be as crazy or glam as you'd like!

Now to the rules of the game (Please read carefully as all are requirements, must be met and will be validated):

1. Open internationally to everyone 18 and over.

2. This is a judging contest and there will be 2 winners (1st and 2nd place)

3. Maximum of 2 submissions per person with at least 2 pictures of each look submitted to Be sure to include your full name so we know who you are.

4. Must be a fan of "Suicide By Makeup" and each of our 5 sponsors (listed above) on Facebook PLUS a follower of this blog.

5. Please have some kind of physical sign in your photos that has the words "Suicide By Makeup" on it so that we know this look is unique to our contest.

6. Please check out our sponsors shops and leave us a comment here on the blog of at least one item that you love/would love to have from each. Include your email address. No anonymous comments please!

The contest opens TODAY 05/27 and ends Sunday June 12th. I will have another blog page set up for the contest entries so that we can all see the amazing work that is done in the name of beauty and music! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Have fun, go all out, and show support for your fellow makeup junkies!! <3


Suicide By Makeup


  1. Sundara Cosmetics: one item i would love to have is lotus e/s nd mint mojito e/s.
    Madd Style Cosmetics: one item i would love to have is fake bake e/s nd muddslinger e/s.
    Pampers Xombie Cosmetics: one item i would love to have is voodoo juice nd zombie cupcake.
    Addie Ladawn: one item i would love to have is the death lady locket necklace.
    Dawn Eyes Cosmetics: I would love to have concord grape e/s.

    my email is

  2. Congratulations on 250 Followers!!! I hate that an EPIC fail sale is what it took me to find your page but am very glad that it did. Wonderful looks and the QOTD.
    Madd Style Cosmetics: Effin Perfecktion Powder
    Sundara Cosmetics: Mint Mojito
    Pampered Xombie Cosmetics: Jezebel
    Addie LaDawn: Ooh La La Eiffel Tower
    Dawn Eye Cosmetics: Bubbling Spring

  3. ok it let me so here goes!

    email is
    facebook: lila skittlezz vazquez
    or skittlezzstylezz

    addie: blue peacock feathers
    sundara: lavender
    pampered xombie: glowstar
    honey badger: madd style
    breathtaking: dawn eyes

  4. im already the fan of ur sponsers <3

    ok i love.
    Coal n diamonds fron Sundra cosmetics.
    Adie LaDawn: petite black rose
    Mad style: spooky girl glitter
    dawn eyes:Coral satin
    pamperd zombie: Glow star


  5. i am a fan of yours and your sponsors :)
    sundara- loving any or all of the pastels! cucumber melon for sure!
    madd style-desert punk :) i love browns.
    Pampered zombie-descending angel
    addie ladawn- OMG the blue/peacock feathr earrings!!
    dawn eyes-copper ore!

  6. I'm so excited for this!! I can't wait to get my picture sent today!! <3
    Sundra--lotus purple eyeshadow
    Maddstyle--Disco Biscuit eyeshadow
    Pampered zombie--Zombie Lagoon
    addie ladawn--Eiffel Tower necklace with Swarovski crystal heart
    dawn eyes--Metallic teal eyeshadow

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    ADDIE LADAWN: Long Skeleton Key Necklace! I LOVE SKELETON KEYS!!
    Pampered Xombie:EVERYTHING!! Prob. full size of zombie lagoon
    Madd Syle Cosmetics: BAM ROCK!! ♥ ♥
    Sundara Cosmetics: BINDI RED FOR SURE!!

  9. oops

  10. Addie Ladawn-Antiqued silver bow necklace
    Sundara- Anything in Pastel Collection e/s
    Madd Style- Effin Perfektion Powder
    Pampered Xombie- Tounge Twister e/s
    Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Metallic Teal e/s

    thank yooouuuu lana :)

  11. wooooooo 250+!!!
    Addie Ladawn-White rose on teal filigree ring
    MSC-Pisces gold duochrome e/s
    Pampered Xombie-Rhinestone cowboy
    Dawn Eyes-Beige Goes Bold

  12. Hey! I'm a liker of your blog & all the pages on facebook!

    I like;
    Sundara Cosmetics-Pastel Eyeshadows.
    Madd Style Cosmetics- SHE-BOP glitter shadow.
    Pampered Xombie- Jezebel eyeshadow
    Addie Ladawn- Magenta Mum on Black Filigree Ring
    Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Magnificent Magenta shadow

    Facebook; Victoria Martin

    facebook: Treetard Elda

    Sundara-bindi eyeshadow
    Madd Style-DIRTY BEATS shimmer vegan shadow
    Pampered-zombie cupcake!
    Addie-long skeleton key necklace
    Dawn-Jeweled Pale Copper

  14. Will definitely be submitting a pic!
    Facebook:amber Costello
    As far as what I'd like:
    Sundara-Raja Royal Blue
    Madd Style-Holy crap, I love them all! But Phantasm, Dune Buggy, Kozmosis, and Bitch Slap.
    Xombie- Pampered and Punkadelic
    Addie- Zebra pouch
    Dawn Eyes-Concord Grape and Royal Purple

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Love all the Sponsors!!!

    My Ultimate faves
    All the matter shadows from Sundra cosmetics.( cant choose just one lol )
    Adie LaDawn:Phantasm
    Mad style: spooky girl glitter
    Dawn Eyes:Coral satin
    Pamperd Zombie: Glow star

    Hope you like look!!!

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